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Stop in today for all of your aquarium supplies & needs!

Pet Shops in Olean, NY


Aquarium Supplies Olean, NY “Your One Stop Resource for All of Your Pet Needs Since 1973!”

Layaway early for best selection,"We can't get it three days before Christmas". Things run out of availability and we hate for that to happen. Come in secure your choice, layaway, you have til Christmas Eve to pick it up. We plan on being open til 2:00 PM. {shhh...If its busy I'll stay me Fred}

10% OFF any complete setup, Fury, Reptile, Bird, Aquarium, any pet setup that includes toys, supplies & accessories. Lay it away, and I'll hide it till Christmas Eve, remember 2PM. Everything in the setup 10%OFF!

We have other discounts around the store. Come visit. If we don't have
it, we'll do our best to get it. I promise.

We have 50 years experience in the pet business including aquarium building and Pet Retail. As one of the best pet stores in the area, we are happy to provide you with anything you and your pet may need including quality aquarium supplies!

We have 2-1/2 to 125 gallon aquariums in stock at all times with equipment, supplies and accessories to match! After all of these years we probably have the aquarium parts you need or would be happy to order them for you!

Aquariums are a great hobby-watching your pet fish is proven to be relaxing and a stress reliever! We have the best selection and prices on aquarium supplies in the Southern Tier. Stop by and let us help you get started on the fun and exciting hobby of fresh (and some) salt water fish & aquariums! For more information, call one of the best pet shops in Olean, NY! Call Westons Pet Shop.

Today’s technology enables us to learn with you, the customer, and share the knowledge we’ve acquired to make your pet experience most enjoyable.

In the pet business, some things remain the same while others are constantly changing. It is our pleasure to keep up with cutting edge products and find the products our customers need! I can’t count the number of times we’ve heard customers say they’ve looked everywhere for this or that. It is our goal to be your one stop for all of your pet supply needs.

Pet Shops Olean, NY

Tropical Fish * Exotic Birds * Small Animals * Fresh Water Fish * Reptiles

All Cockatiels 25% off are hand feed. We have white face, (they’re beautiful)
Lutino (white ) cockatiel, Cinnamon pearly-pied cockatiel, and English
Budgie Parakeets are also 25% off. Also we have a baby blue crown conure
hand fed. she’s a sweetie. Please stop by and see us. 

Pet Stores Olean, NY Aquarium Supplies Olean, NY Pet Shops Olean, NY

  Frozen Foods * Garden Ponds & Supplies * Holistic/Organic Pet Remedies & Treats

Pet Stores Olean, NY Aquarium Supplies Olean, NY Pet Shops Olean, NY

Zupreem, Higgins, Country Naturals Pet Foods and more!

Pet Stores Olean, NY One of the best pet shops we promise:

  • Provide advice and/or research for your pet and make an educated recommendation on their nutritional needs.
  • Support non-profit organizations that help the abused and abandoned animals find homes. Also, support those organizations that train and place service dogs who improve the quality of life for the disabled.
  • Provide the highest quality foods for your pet that are healthy, well-balanced, and safe.
  • Provide a fair price on all foods to ensure that feeding a healthy diet is affordable to everyone.
  • Provide 5 star service.
  • Provide a 100% money back guarantee on all pet foods if they are not 100% satisfactory to your pet.
  • Keep your dog’s tail wagging and your cat’s motor running with fun toys, yummy treats, and plush accessories.

Pet Shops Olean, NY We are a small family business. Every day I get up bright and early and thank my Creator for the strength and the opportunity to see that great big smile on a little persons face as they take on that responsibility for the first time and look up at dad and mom’s face and say ”I will”. Also for the customer walking out the door with their head held high because we were able to solve their dilemma. That might be why you’ve heard me say “I don’t work for a living. As I love what I do so I never have worked a day in my life.”

Does your pet have ticks? “Tick Key” now available at Weston’s Pet Shop 


Stop itchy, smelly dog, ear scratching, head shaking, hair loss. One product is much better than advertised brands, all holistic & organic, and at a competitive price. Lots of other great products, digestion, hip & joint, urinary tract problems. We can help stop some big vet bills.



We have the following pets IN STOCK:  
Hamsters, Gerbils, Robo Hamsters, Mini Rex Bunnies, Chinchillas, Russian Tortoise, Anoles, Leopard Geckos, Bearded Dragons, Water Dragons, Mountain Horned Lizards, Veiled Chameleon, Marbled Gecko, Hermit Crabs, Painted Hermit Crabs,Tarantulas, Scorpions, Fire Belly Toads, Big Eye Tree Frogs, Curly Tail Lizards, Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs, Parakeets, Sun Conure baby, hand fed, Turquoise Green Cheek Conure baby, hand fed, Blue Mask Love Bird hand fed, baby, Lutino Cockatiels, Green Pacific Parrotlet, Zebra Finch, Society Finch, Canaries (all M&F)

Scheduled arrivals: Saturday the 6th, Baby Guinea Pigs, Baby Ferrets, the 9th Tuesday. We are hoping to do a Reptile Order the week of the 7th of Dec. 
You need to call me if want to Order a certain reptile 716-373-1054
Salt Water Order will be in we're hoping by the 15th


Weston’s Pet Shop is a proud sponsor of the Cattaraugus County SPCA raising over $452 in donations so far to help the shelter! 



Thank You for visiting our website. We look forward to helping you with all of your pet needs!



Aquarium Supplies Olean, NY
Fred Watson

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Westons Pet Shop

PO Box 194
Westons Mills , NY 14788

For a small pet store, it's pretty clean! No overpowering odors that prevent you from entering, which I have found common in small locally owned pet stores.

Pros: They have a very friendly and professional staff. I'm sure they don't care to hear every single customers personal story of their pet, but they always listen with smiles!

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Sep 12, 2014
By: tsher

Westons Pet Shop

PO Box 194
Westons Mills , NY 14788

This is by far the best pet shop around. The owners and employees truly love and care for the animals in their care. The store is well stocked with the best products available and it is very clean.

Pros: very friendly staff.

Cons: none.

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Sep 27, 2013

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